Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today, with over 1 billion monthly active users who log in every day to view pictures/videos posted by friends, family, or favorite celebrities. Although many Instagram users post things daily, some hide without posting as much or use the platform to harass other users.

It has glued many people into a cycle of mindless scrolling and stalking, keeping aside its endless recreational benefits. So no one wants unwelcome guests; their account can be a very personal space. The number of users that have seen their account in the past seven days, they can access statistics. So, there is no way of knowing who stalks your Instagram. If you are using Instagram, you can see any participant’s profile. But many users are sincerely interested to know who viewed my Instagram profile and who Instagram stalked.

If you’re an Instagram enthusiast with a public profile, you’ve probably wondered, “Can I see who’s viewing my Instagram profile?” more often than one cares to admit. So how do you track who is viewing your Instagram account? Can you keep an eye on your install stalker? let’s find out

How To See Who Is Viewing Your Instagram Profile?

How To See Who Is Viewing Your Instagram Profile_

To be precise, there is no easy way to check who views your Instagram page. Instagram doesn’t have a built-in feature that lets users check who’s viewed their profile, and there’s a very good reason for that: user privacy. Facebook-owned Instagram has all the data it needs to verify who’s viewed your profile, but it won’t share it with you as it could result in a significant drop in user engagement on the platform.

Now that a significant number of Instagram users spend their time checking other profiles without posting anything on their own profile if Instagram publishes data about their activities, they probably won’t use the app anymore, which is definitely bad for the business. Although these users don’t interact with other people on Instagram, they still consume the same number of ads as everyone else, and if they get called for their activity, they may stop using the platform altogether. Why do you ask?

Third-Party Apps To See Who Watched Your Instagram Profile?

Is there a third-party app that I can use to see who viewed my Insta gram profile? Yes, there are many apps on both the App Store and Play Store that make you think you can see who is viewing your Insta gram account and find your Insta-stalkers by giving them access to your Instagram account. But do they work? Not.

1. Socialview For Your Instagrams

SocialView for Instagram is 1 of the iPhone app that claim to be able to show you who viewed your Instagram profile. However, if you check the reviews on the app’s page, you will see that it doesn’t work.

2. Profile+

Profile+ is another app that claims it can show you who views your Insta gram profile. However, this app does not work either. It tries to charge you for unlocking features like Who Viewed My Insta gram Profile, although it doesn’t work. The app only shows a list of the users you have blocked, which you can see on the official Insta gram app.

3. Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer is another app that claims to be able to show you who is viewing your Instagram profile when in reality, this is not the case.

These apps just pretend to work and display a list of random Instagram usernames that change every time you open the apps to give users the impression that they’re up to something. More importantly, these apps can pose a huge privacy threat as they collect all your account details once you log in with your Instagram account and give them access to the data.

Besides, you can even ban your account with such apps, so it’s better not to trust third-party apps to see your Instagram stalkers.

Why Aren’t Third-Party Apps Working?

Why Aren't Third-Party Apps Working_

The worst reason why these apps don’t work is quite simple. Instagram’s data policy clarifies that Insta gram username, username and bio, profile picture, and email address are only shared with third-party apps that do not have Instagram’s permission. Additionally, Instagram’s Graph API, which launched earlier this year, is much more restrictive than Instagram’s legacy API platform, meaning apps not approved by Insta gram to use the API lose the ability to access the API entirely.

This feature also allows you to block any user you don’t want to share your stories with by tapping the menu button to the user’s name and selecting the “Hide Story” option, making it easy for you to block all it stalkers. you can have

Since Insta gram app stories expire after 24 hours, you need to check the list daily (if you upload it often). But if you want to see who has visited your Instagram profile over the long term, you can see the same list in your highlights, which also shows a list of all users who have visited your profile (as long as they played highlights).