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There are just four easy steps to complete your identity verification:

  1. Select the Verify with button at the bottom of this page
  2. Create an account
  3. Protect your account with a one-time password sent to your phone or generated through the mobile app each time you log in
  4. Verify your identity

The guide helps you through every step of the identity verification process

If you are having difficulty with the verification process, offers a video chat with a trusted referent, a trained and certified staff member, who will help you verify your identity. See the guide on How to verify your identity in a video call for more information.

What is is a federally certified online identity network specializing in digital identity verification and protection and is a trusted partner of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The main goal of is to make sure that you are yourself and not someone pretending to be you. More information about

What Chances After Your Identity is Verified?

Verifying your identity is the first step in a multi-step process. When your identity has been confirmed, and your data matches TWC’s records, TWC determines if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. Please wait. TWC processes thousands of unemployment claims and will notify you of your eligibility as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about or need help, visit

How to Use

TWC uses to verify the identity of someone who has applied for unemployment benefits. If you have not applied for unemployment, you should not use as this will ascertain the fraudulent claim.

TWC has partnered with, an identity verification service, to verify applicant information and prevent unemployment benefits identity fraud. The process is fast, easy and secure.

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What is the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)?

TWC is the state agency responsible for supervising and providing workforce development amenities such as job search, recruiting, and training to job seekers and employers in Texas. TWC also administers unemployment benefits and unemployment tax plans. TWC’s mission is to sponsor and support a workforce system that creates worth and provides employers, individuals, and communities the opportunity to attain and sustain economic prosperity. TWC strengthens the Texas budget by giving the workforce

growth component of the Governor’s economic development strategy. Texas has an incredibly skilled workforce ready to attract businesses to Lone Star State. Focusing on employer demands, TWC gives Texas the competitive advantage needed to attract business.

What is Texas Workforce Solutions?

Texas Workforce Solutions is a state and local network of the Texas Workforce Commission and its state operations, 28 Workforce Development Councils (councils) for planning regional and service delivery, service providers contracted by councils and community partners providing local services, and TWC Unemployment Benefits Telecentres. This network gives customers local contact to workforce solutions and services statewide at many Workforce Solutions offices.

The councils are responsible for the strategic planning of universal employment services for employers and job seekers. The integrated labour delivery system maximizes finance and productivity while eliminating duplication of effort. TWC oversees and holds boards accountable for program performance through performance-based contracts and provides technical help as needed.

Claimant Online Submission Portal

If TWC has asked you to provide Unemployment Insurance (UI) forms, you can upload them using our online Unemployment Insurance Submission Portal.

You will need to enter your personal information in the portal, then select the type of shipment you wish to make from a pull-down menu:

  1. Check Stubs/ Earnings /pays
  2. DUA Proof of Employment at Time of Calamity
  3. DUA Proof of Yearly Tax Earnings
  4. Military Release/Discharge Form (DD214)
  5. Payment Appeal – Regular Profits
  6. Expense Appeal – TRA
  7. Proof ID – TX DL, TX ID, TX Reg Card, SSN Card
  8. Requalification Info Request
  9. Request for Proof of Central Employment
  10. Work Hunt Log
  11. Further

You can upload documents up to 7 MB. The portal agrees to take the following file types: PDF, jpg, jpeg, tiff, and png. When you’re done, select the Submit button at the top of the page.

Employer Online Proposal Portal

If TWC has asked you to provide Unemployment Insurance documents, you can upload them using our Online Unemployment Insurance Remittance Upload Service – Employers Only.

You will need to enter your company information in the portal, then select the type of shipment you wish to make from a drop-down menu

  • Chargeback Review Notice
  • Employment Information – Wages/Dates/Weeks
  • Notice of Application for Unemployment Benefits
  • Maximum Potential Chargeback Notice
  • Job Separation Information Request
  • salary verification
  • additional answer
  • Note: Do not use this gateway to submit Shared Work or Mass Claims files.

How to Report ID Fraud on an Unemployment Claim

If someone has filed a claim (in Texas) using your Social Security Number (SSN), please report the identity fraud to TWC’s secure online fraud portal. If someone filed an unemployment identity fraud claim in another state, they should report the scam to the state where it occurred.

Under “Shipping Type”, select:

  • Did not apply for unemployment insurance (Select this option to report that someone/an impostor applied for unemployment insurance using your SSN).
  • Did not apply for unemployment insurance but must apply now (Select this option to report that someone/an impostor applied for unemployment insurance using your SSN and must now file a claim.

Include your name, SSN, and contact information. Upload copies of any claim documents you have received from TWC and a copy of your driver’s license, which TWC uses to verify your identity.

Submit the Identity Fraud Report only once. People who report identity fraud do not always receive a call, email or letter in answer to the information they provide. TWC will only interact with you if we need more information.

If your employer received a claim announcement from TWC stating that a claim was filed consuming your SSN and you did not cause the lawsuit, tell your proprietor to answer the notice stating that an impostor filed the suit.

What To Do If You Take a Notice to Verify Your Identity Through

Suppose you filed for unemployment and received a letter from TWC with advices to verify your identity using In that case, you must verify your identity so that we can validate your claim.

Extra Recommendations for Victims of Unemployment ID Fraud

Here are the contact numbers provided if in. Case if you get fraud, give a call or interact with the numbers given below

  • Equifax – 800-349-9960
  • Experian – 888-397-3742
  • TransUnion – 888-909-8872
  • Check your credit report
  • contact the fraud department
  • National Center for Disaster Fraud
  • Contact the police department
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number

How to Report Identity Stealing to Social Security Administration

Your Social Security Number opens doors to so much of your personal and financial information that criminals try to steal it to avoid paying Social Security taxes, working in the United States, stealing money from your bank account or engaging in other illegal activities.

If you think someone has stolen your identity or Social Security Number, contact the Social Security Administration (SSA):

  • and type “identity theft” in the search box
  • Contact no: 800-269-0271
    Fax id: 410-597-0118
  • Social Security Fraud Hotline
    POContainer 17785
    Baltimore, MD 21235

To verify the accuracy of the income reported on your SSN or to request a copy of your Social Security statement, you can call the SSA at 800-772-1213.