PR Tactics – PR or public relations techniques are excellent tools to communicate with your customers and promote your organisation. To benefit from PR, you need to be proficient in a variety of PR tactics to respond effectively to issues that jeopardise your reputation and raise brand awareness. Also, you need to know the right methods to practice and understand their consequences to prepare yourself to deal with anything.

While brands can practice PR tactics, hiring a fully qualified public relations agency with years of experience and the tools and skills to successfully practice PR tactics is better. Also, you don’t need to use every technique to grow your business. So, choosing only the ones that work for your business is crucial.

Before you decide and start planning for PR campaigns, here are some PR tactics you can use for your business.

Press Releases to Spread Awareness of the Brand

Research indicates that 92% of customers have more trust in earned media than any other channel. Hence, by featuring your company in news publications, magazines, blogs, websites, and other outlets, you can gain the trust and confidence of your audience. This is why media relations and press releases are critical for business growth.

Press releases are the best options to create awareness of your business, event, product launch, or milestone. It can help you get higher traffic on your website. They also help you share the news with a relevant audience.

Here are a few tips for writing excellent press releases.

  • Write a captivating and clear headline
  • Include your location and date of the press release
  • Be unbiased and honest
  • Give relevant and valuable information
  • Include relevant quotes from any of the authorities of the business
  • Sign off properly

One example of the best examples of how press releases help companies is Womply. They used to tell people about the company’s latest report on how online reviews can change the game and attract customers. After publishing it, they were able to increase web traffic which led to the sale.

Create Controversies around Your Brand

Creating controversies is often a part of PR campaigns that creates brand recognition and awareness. While it may look bizarre, it can help you win over the audience. But publicity stunts are risky strategies that need to be strategically planned and executed to avoid ruining your organisation’s reputation.

Wondering what type of PR controversies has worked? Basecamp’s “Hey” emailing campaign is an excellent example of this technique. This controversy was designed to redefine traditional emailing techniques to make emailing engaging and fun again.

Basecamp’s team of experts stormed several online sites where their audience loved the idea of the application. And eventually, they get the media attention to reach a wider audience.

Consider Newsjacking

One of the most effective PR tactics is newsjacking. It’s about monitoring, spotting opportunities, and monitoring live news to make your business the centre of conversations. Brands do this through leadership pieces and expert commentary. For this, companies need to be reactive and fast. The rewards are promising and long-lasting if you effectively practice this tactic.

Newsjacking works for most industries like travel, finance, monitoring, sports betting, cosmetics, and consumer brands. It’s an ideal way to build authority, expertise, and trust in your target audience. A spokesperson can provide backlinks to news stories by giving expert tips and valuable insights. One example of a newsjacking campaign when Ask Traders get coverage from famous media houses like The Sun.

Participating in Industry and Community Events

PR agency uses events to promote your brand. Well, events are the best way to spread the word, interact and engage with the target audience, and network with important players in the market. Content Marketing Institute sponsored ContentTECH Summit and Hubspot sponsored Inbound Marketing Conference are the top examples of these events.

Your event will only be successful if other brands, celebrities, and the press attend the event. An easy way to do that is to invite people via a press release. Also, give valuable information about the event to help motivate people to attend it. It’s best to hire a PR agency that can help you organise a memorable event that can help you with brand recognition and sales.

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Any business serious about PR strategy must maintain its presence on social media platforms. Note that more than half of your audience prefers to use social media for entertainment, socialising, or to gain valuable information. Social media is essential to spread your message to the appropriate demographics, increasing brand visibility, and controlling PR crises.

If you want to benefit from social media, you need to join relevant conversations. Be active on your social media accounts, and share engaging and valuable information the audience wants to learn. You can also use social media listening tools to analyse what people are discussing about your company, products, and services, allowing you to act accordingly. Not only will it act as a PR tactic, but it will also work as outstanding customer service.

Examples of social media marketing include Wendy’s #NationalRoastDay, which was the most successful social media campaign. Airbnb’s “We Are Here” and Purdue’s “Day of Giving” are also some examples for you to consider.

Bottom Line

So, now you know how PR tactics work and how companies have succeeded with the help of PR, you can start implementing these practices for your business. PR is the key to an organisation’s success, whether big or small.

We know that practising these techniques might be challenging for a company, but it’s better to hire public relations agency to get help to grow your business. It’s an investment with lucrative returns. They will use the right techniques suitable for your business and keep you updated with the progress.