Dewata 12 {May} – Get Full Details Here! >> Please read the article below to know the authenticity of the newly created website. Are you also looking for Dewata 12 website and want to know what it is? People worldwide, especially Indonesians, want to know what this website is about.

We looked at different websites that offer other products and services to their users, but this is one website that everyone wants to know about its details. Please continue reading this article to see the information we have collected on this site.

About the website dewata 12

A new section of the website was created on February 10, 2021. After looking on the Internet, we may also find a similar Facebook page, but we are not sure. According to information, the owner established this group in 2020, as of August 7. Initially, it was called dewata 12 Jitu & HKG, which was later changed to dewata 12 Jitu & HKG on February 8, 2021. Also, according to the latest data, the group has 6,035 members. Plan dewata 12 is a new website created in Indonesia with minor information on the Internet. A few details were given on the site, except for the Facebook page that increases the number of posts and members that appear on the page, but we cannot confirm this. Also, you cannot access any information from members-only sites.

What is Dewata 12

dewata 12 capjikia com capjikia jawa tengah was founded on February 4, 2021. The Indonesian website does not disclose its founder. Therefore, the identity of the founder or developer, according to this site’s purpose, is unknown. When we continue on this site, we see a private Facebook page that is not open to anyone. The site and its identity are so suspicious that we cannot collect much info about it. The social media page of this website displays only one follower.

dewata 12 (2)

Necessary Details about Dewata 12

  • dewata 12 website has a domain that is less than 6 months old and is only 4 months and 4 days old.
  • Domain Creation Date: February 4, 2021
  • Domain Expiration Date: February 4, 2022
  • When we went online to predict this site’s reviews, we could not find anything on Trustpilot or the podium others in the line.
  • Besides this free survey section, the site is suspected to be a source of online scams, and we do not recommend its use.

Is Dewata 12 safe to use?

We believe the dewata 12 website may be a scam and unsafe. We do not think this site is a safe place to visit. It’s only a year old and doesn’t have much information.

So it looks like a scam, but we don’t know if it’s real. Also, write 12 jkt login details for non-existent websites, making it more suspicious.

Another critical factor is the lawfulness of the site. A low trust score indicates that the website may not be authentic. capjikia arwana 12 website warns users to read their privacy policy before proceeding to ensure they want to continue.

dewata 12 (1)

Is The Site Reliable?

Trusting an online website like Dewata 12 to have a domain less than six months old is not recommended. So, after checking the age of its environment, we went ahead to check its trust score. The search results of this website show an incomplete confidence index of about 1% on the confidence threshold. In addition, the site recommends users check the privacy policy before using them.

Tips and tricks for protecting yourself from scamming websites

Although the trust score of Dewata 12 is not high, and there is little information about them, some things can put you at risk.

So, to prevent such threats, we are sharing some tips and steps to protect you from such sites.

  1. If you get an email that expressions like it’s from somebody you trust but has a link you want to open anyway, typing the URL into your browser, is just as good as clicking the link.
  2. Whenever you browse the Internet, beware of suspicious websites.
  3. Never give your personal information to a site that looks strange or unauthorized. Always use common sense and caution when looking for websites to visit, such as dewata 12 capjikia com.The website has no contact information, so we cannot fully trust the content. Also, we cannot contact anyone with questions, so this website should be avoided.
  4. When looking for a website, ensure it doesn’t have a low cost or a clear ROI. The foremost critical thing to remember when looking for a website is to ensure it is trustworthy. Always be careful when dealing with websites that sound too good to be accurate, and provide you with an understanding of the costs and risks associated with any investment.
  5. When visiting a capjikia arwana 12 website, always enter the URL correctly. Don’t use generic words that can be mistaken for a valid website URL; check the URL against or another trusted source before clicking on it.

How to know whether the dewata 12 website is secure or un-secure?

  1. Make sure you have a strong password for every website you visit. If [dewata 12 kt capiikia] login information is unavailable, always use complex passwords to reduce the risk of hacking. There are many ways to determine the safety of a site with a clear objective. Let’s consider the following:
  2. When you visit a dewata 12 website that starts with “https” “s” at the end, the website uses an SSL connection to guarantee your data protection. Windows passwords can be protected, but be careful what you type. Websites like Google offer two-factor authentication as an added security measure. Always log out of websites you don’t use and ensure your computer is regularly scanned for malware.
  3. We recommend you exercise caution when accessing dewata capiikia 12 websites and verify their authenticity before providing personal information. In addition, traffic data can be a helpful tool in determining the validity of a website.
  4. A spam checker is vital to identify trustworthy[ ‘capjikiajawa tengah ] websites. These indicators help determine the trustworthiness of any website and can help users make an informed decision about whether to visit the site or not.


Dewata 12 is a suspicious website, and there is no information about it on Google. If you search for this, you will be directed to an empty website with no content and no posts or pages. The site only has a Facebook page, with only one follower. The domain is also only a few months old, indicating that the website is very questionable. We have a lot of information available for this site. Do you know more about this site? Have you visited his Facebook group? Our feedback box is waiting for your feedback if you know what this website is about.

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