Impact Of Technology -Technology has developed fast in the last few decades. And the use of technology is also increasing drastically. It impacts people’s lives and changes how they learn, think and communicate. It plays an important role in society, and it is hard to imagine life without technology without it.

Technology impacts society, including the potential for social advancement or decline, both for better and for worse. Our society is characterise by technology, which has good and bad consequences. Human societies and technology inextricably link technical systems such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc.

They produce by humans and reflect the basis of a population’s needs and way of life. Although technology improves the way people live, it is also a major concern for future generations. Nowadays, people use technology excessively, which reduces their physical activity and directly affects their health. In addition, due to the overuse of technology, many cybercrimes happen every day where someone steals the victim’s identity or personal information, such as B. the uniqueness of the identification number, PAN number, debit card, etc this is use to commit a crime. Or commit fraud without our permission. Some other cyber crimes are:

Hacking Impact Of Technology

: Attempting to manipulate a computer system or network within a computer is known as hacking. It is the unauthorized control of computer systems with the intent to commit a crime.

Credit/Debit Card Thef Impact Of Technology

t – Credit card fraud refers to any fraud involving a payment card, such as B. a credit or debit card. The goal could be to purchase products or services or transfer the money to an account controlled by criminals.

Malware installation: Any package or file harmful to a computer user is called malware. Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware are examples of malware.

Email Threat – Impact Of Technology

The use of email to deceive or harm another person for personal gain.


Depending on the perpetrator, phishing attempts can target various people. These can be generic phishing emails aimed at people with a PayPal account. These  often identify as phishing attempts.

Spam: Impact Of Technology

An unsolicited digital message sent in large numbers is called spam. You may receive spam emails, phone calls, text messages, etc.

ATM card theft:

ATM fraud refers to a crime where the criminal makes payments for criminal activity through another person’s ATM card using the PIN code.

What Is Society?

Society is define as the set of people sharing social relations. Or in other words, a culture is a group of people living together in a community that includes some form of government and rules and an economy.

What Is Technology?

Technology is define as all knowledge dealing with the innovation, invention and application of technical means and their interactions with life, society and the setting. Or in other words, knowledge means the use of scientific information to achieve a specific goal or to create applications that are use in industry or everyday life. So when we use science to achieve a goal, we use technology.

Impact Of Technology On Society.

We use and rely on technology in our daily lives, and our technical needs and demands are constantly growing. People use technology to explore, connect, study and work. How we use technology determines whether its effects are good or bad for society.

Impact Of Technology On Society.

We use and rely on technology in our daily lives, and our technical needs and demands are constantly growing. People use technology to explore, connect, study and work. How we use technology determines whether its effects are good or bad for society.

1. Positive Impact Of Technology On Society:

Technology has more of a positive impact on people or society than negative. It makes our life easier and rewards us by providing us with resources or tools that make our life easier. Here are some positive changes technology is bringing to our lives:

Improved Communication: Communication is the most vital part of society; we build or transmit our thoughts to each other through communication. So people used to use pigeons or birds to convey their messages to their loved ones. After that, technology slowly advanced, and the medium of information transmission replace by mobile phones, email, etc. Nowadays, we send messages to relatives or acquaintances via email, social media platforms, etc. People can easily talk or exchange information with their loved ones even if they are far away from them.

Improved education and learning process: Technology improves the education and learning process. Nowadays, people can easily improve their knowledge by using the Internet. Most data on the Internet is free, and you can access this data anytime, anywhere.

Mechanized farming: Technology is changing the way farmers work. Many technical machines and devices have been introduced in the agricultural field, making cultivation very easy, efficient, automated, etc.

Easily Accessible Information: The Internet allows us to easily access information anytime. Most of the information on the Internet is free, so you can use it to improve your knowledge, skills, etc.

2. Negative Impact Of Technology On Society:

As we know, everything that exists on this planet has advantages and disadvantages. Same with technology, it also hurts society, and some other negative impacts are:

Rise in Unemployment: At present, large and small companies are using machinery and technological devices due to their low cost and high efficiency, so it continuously increases the unemployment rate.

Increased environmental pollution: Not only people but also technology affects our environment. Due to vehicles and machines, and the pollution rate is continuously increasing, leading to global warming, etc.

Rise in Health and Mental Health Issues: Technology currently impacts people’s physical and mental health. It makes people lazy, emotionally weak, has trouble sleeping, reduces physical activity, and spends less time with family and friends.

Increase in cybercrime: Due to the excessive use of the Internet, cybercrime is also increasing. Some people (abusers) hurt innocent people (victims) or children for money or pleasure.

Social problems and cultural changes caused by technology and

Social problems:

Impact Of Technology Here Are Some Social Issues We Face When Using The Internet:

Identity theft: Using another person’s identity by fraudulently obtaining their financial/personal information to commit a crime.

Gambling Addiction:

A person’s performance in several areas of life is severely impaired by excessive use of Internet games over a long period of time.

Health and Fitness:

Heavy Internet use affects health and fitness, and can affect eyesight, spine, etc.


Using technology to bully, abuse, criticize, or target another person is called cyberbullying.

Terrorism and crime: Cyber ​​terrorism is the theft of our cyberinfrastructure and digital information such as software, hardware, data and information.

Communication Breakdown:

A communication failure occurs when information is not shared, resulting in a loss of interaction.

Question 1. How Is Biometric Data Authenticate?


The technical difficulties of automated person recognition based on biological and behavioural traits are fundamental in converting analogue data (facial image, fingerprint, voice patterns…) into digital data (patterns, minutiae), so it can then be generated and combined with the more efficient algorithm.

Question 2. What Should We Do If We Detect Identity Theft?


Add a fraud alert to your credit reports so we can help you identify identity theft. And set a credit brake. Use the credit card monitoring service and increase the security level of your accounts.

Question 3. What Is Cybercrime?


Illegal activities that use or target a computer are known as cybercrime. Example: hacking, phishing, spam, child pornography, etc. But cyber ​​thieves perform illegal actions using computer expertise.

Question 4. What Is Cybersecurity?


The technique of defensive servers, mobile devices, laptops, networks, data, etc., against malicious invasions, is called cyber security. Because being safe online means cyber security. And threats to our security abound in the online world.

Question 5. What Steps Should Be Taken To Protect Identity Online?


The Following Steps Should Be Taken To Protect Your Identity Online:

  1. Be careful when giving out personal information on the Internet. Just because a website asks you for information doesn’t mean you have to provide it. Find out who wants the data and why.
  2. Do not open the link or addon if it is from someone you do not know.
  3. Use a secure network when shopping or banking online.
  4. Install sophisticated security software on your electric device.