Examples Of Technology Is Computers

Examples of technology -Laptops, tablets, desktops, and other computers rely on digital technology to function. Computers were originally huge and used primarily by large corporations and scientific projects to perform complex calculations and store large amounts of information. Today, they are much more compact and more powerful and capable of performing a wide variety of tasks.

Printer Is One Of The Examples Of Technology

Printers are another digital device that is so common these days that we take them for granted. Although the information has increasingly been stored rather than printed in recent years, these output devices are indispensable. Let’s also not forget 3D printers, which always offer new opportunities and challenges.

Self-Scanning Machines Is One Of The Examples Of Technology

These machines have become more common as they become more sophisticated and gradually replace scanning technologies like RFID barcodes. Common examples are self-scanning of purchased products when shopping in a store and passport control at some international airports.

ATMs Machines Is One Of The Examples Of Technology

ATMs were invented in London and have since become ubiquitous to give people quick and easy access to their bank accounts. Modern ATMs can be used for cash withdrawals, checking account balances, depositing money or mobile phone credit.

Digital Cameras

These devices are much more versatile than traditional cameras, especially when used with other digital technologies. Digital images are cooler to store, organize, edit, email, and print. Most digital cameras can also record videos.

Cars and other vehicles

Modern automobiles are equip with computers to monitor and adjust the engine, control safety systems, and operator comfort, convenience, and safety systems.

Other vehicles, such as ships and aero planes, rely even more heavily on computers for their functionality. With technology constantly evolving, it is only time before autonomous vehicles become the norm.

Alarm clock

Digital clocks have several advantages over traditional analogue clocks: They don’t tick; they are also easy to read in the dark, and alarms will sound when you set them. They can pair with radios so you can wake up to your favourite show.


As digital robotic technology becomes more sophisticated, its use becomes more widespread. Robotic machines are already widely used in the manufacturing industry. They also use for tasks dangerous to humans, such as detecting and defusing bombs.

Scientists are also working on nanorobots, tiny androids that can be inject into the human body to conduct research and medical procedures.

Drones And Guided Missiles

There are many military applications for digital technology. Drones (unmanned combat aircraft) and guided missiles incorporate digital technology to work effectively. Drones are usually control in real-time by a remote human controller. The missiles use digital technology for their guidance, orientation, and flight systems.

Banking and Finance

Many people today do most of their banking on their computer or phone. There are also apps for various other things, like checking your credit score or paying your credit card bill.

Apps like PayPal let you transfer money, take payments, and pay bills. If you need an app to invest money or save money and pay taxes, digital technology makes that possible too.