Digital technology has radically changed almost every aspect of human life in recent years, including communication, the workplace, entertainment, travel, banking and shopping.

Examples of digital technology

Web pages

Buy and sell online


digital televisions

Live streaming video


digital music


to blog

social media

1. Websites

The Internet itself is the function of various digital technologies, and websites are one of the most common ways to access it. Websites provide us with all sorts of information and are becoming more and more interactive. For example, you can see what’s on at your local cinema, but you can also buy your tickets.

2. Buy and sell online

Online shopping continues to grow, offering consumers ever-increasing choice and value. You can shop from a major retailer across the country or an individual in your hometown.

Similarly, selling online on a large scale can be done as a business venture or just to make a little money selling a single item that you no longer need.

3. Smartphones

The introduction of mobile phones has revolutionized communication, both voice and SMS. We now have smartphones containing many other digital technology types, such as cameras, calculators, and maps. Phone apps continue to expand consumer choice.

4. Digital TV

Digital technology has changed televisions in many ways. First of all, the picture and audio quality have improved dramatically. Modern TVs can use to stream movies and shows, rather than just receiving shows through an antenna or cable connection.

5. Video Streaming

Video streaming used for several purposes. So you can watch movies or shows online. With apps like Skype or web services like Zoom, you can chat with people online and watch them live.

You can watch or stream live events with live streaming. Sites like YouTube offer many other options for viewing information or entertainment. Vapour technology is becoming more accessible through various devices, including computers, TVs, and smartphones.

6. Electronic Books

Digital alternatives to traditional printing are now plentiful. but this allows users to contact various reading materials from a single portable device, and eliminating the need to lug around many large, heavy books. So it’s easy to alteration the font size and style according to the reader’s preferences. Also, unlike printed books, so no trees are cut down to make them.

7. Digital Music Is One Of The Example Digital Technology

Digital audio reached consumers in the form of CDs, and which offered much better sound quality than traditional analogue audio. Because most music listeners these days stream their audio from the Internet or buy and download tracks in the form of beaten audio formats such as MP3. So the process of recording, releasing and marketing music has also changed.

8. geolocation

The grouping of satellite and digital technology means that the location of a trick such as a smartphone, a GPS device or an internet-connected computer can calculate very accurately. But this information can use with other digital applications such as B. map technology to provide users with relevant information about their location.

9. Blog Is One Of The Example Digital Technology

Digital technology has enabled the making of blogs, so which are now commonly found on the Internet. And these regularly updated websites often contain personal reflections, but usually written in an informal style. So they are also progressively interactive, and containing links to videos and other media, and often attended by reader comments.

10. Social Networks Is One Of The Example Digital Technology

Social interacting sites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have seen an explosion in popularity over the past few years. Because they bring together various elements of digital technology to allow users to interact and form social groups through text, photos and video. So social networking applications rely almost exclusively on auto-generated content.