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Trading Strategies- In day trading, short-term trades are made on the same day. Positions usually last a few hours and are not left open overnight. The principle of day trading is to take benefit of a volatile market where prices are continually altering.

Your attention will be tested as this high-intensity trading style requires you to constantly watch the market. It will be important to make a quick decision, for example, to close a position or leave it open.

Resale Trade

Scalping can be categorized as a day trading method. However, the duration is reduced to less than five minutes. This means you look at the chart for a minute or five, and positions hold  for a few minutes or seconds on average.

Scalpers prefer strong market movements because they are less risky. This may involve watching the market all day. If you decide to use this strategy, you should minimize risky trades as large profits are made from many small profitable trades. One loss can wipe out all your progress.

Position Trading

Don’t take a short-term approach like scalpers if you are a position trader. Price movements occur over days. Therefore, it is a strategy that does not require you to watch the markets all day long.

The expectation in position trading is that prices will rise in a strong uptrend. Position traders need persistence and resilience to weather minor dips. It is not enough to do a full fundamental analysis with this trading style. Traders must also employ technical analysis techniques.

Swing Trading Technique As Trading Strategies

The swing trading technique is not a short-term trading strategy, but it shares similarities with position trading and day trading. It is suitable for more volatile markets than position trading and is said to be “in the middle.” You don’t need a strong uptrend to find the potential upside.

In swing trading, the focus is on finding large price swings over a one-day to multi-day period. The swing trader would need to keep positions open overnight but should be wary of unexpected events such as major news updates.

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The Bladerunner trade

Bladerunner trading uses the 20-period EMA line. It applies to all time frames, but many traders apply it to shorter time frames such as 5 minute charts. The line looks inside the main chart and not outside the chart.

What Is Bladerunner’s Business Trading Strategies

The strategy is to wait and see if the 20-period EMA crosses the price action line, which  be done in two ways. Once the EMA line crosses the price line, it should stay below it even after retesting. This means that the market will tend to fall. If the EMA crosses the price line and stays above it even after retesting, the market should continue higher.

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trading Strategies

This trade is base  on using pivot points and Fibonacci retracements together to find entry points. You can also use it to locate strong support and resistance areas.

What is the Fibonacci Pivot daily Trading Strategies?

The strategy is to look for a confluence or “approach” between the Fibonacci retracement lines (32%, 50% or 62%) and the pivot support line. For example, you can look for confluence before entering the market if you want to go long during an uptrend. However, it is better to wait for a bullish confirmation candle for a strong signal. The Fibonacci gives the highest indication and suppor by the fulcrum.

What is the Bolly Band Bounce trading plan?

The Bolly Band Bounce strategy  executes  considering the Upper, Middle and Lower Bollinger Bands. The asset in question expects to remain within the support (lower band) and resistance (upper band) levels. The middle band is usually the 20-day simple moving average. It then checks if the price moves towards resistance or support and then ,returns to a the middle.

The strategy is to buy when prices are trending towards the lower band, expecting that they will rise towards the middle. It  recommends  to sell when prices hit the upper band, expecting that they will fall. Trading can result in a loss if prices choose to “walk through the range” without returning to the middle.

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