Technology And Society: Partners to transform our lives

Technology And Society – Ancient and modern human civilizations have benefited from and hindered by technological innovations, inventions, and technical applications used within societies to accomplish specific tasks. Technological innovations have become necessary for societies to thrive and develop. At the same time, the nation, ideals, and ambitions of humanoid societies have shaped how those civilizations were created, benefited from, and were hindered by Technology.

As technological systems were invented by humans and reflect the essence of a population’s needs and culture, human societies/civilizations and their Technology have become inseparable. The cyclical nature of culture and technologies is one where apiece factor greatly influences the other, starting with human societies and ending with the development of different technologies to meet society’s needs.

These technologies are changing the way societies behave and function, affecting and evolving their economies, leading to a potentially greater need for more Technology, creating a cycle. This co-dependency relationship between co-influence and co-production has been so since the dawn of history, resulting in two main forms of this synergistic co-evolution relationship, depending on the type of society involved:

Agricultural Cycles:

Agricultural humanities were based on the series of the seasons and, therefore, would have an agricultural and cyclical concept of social evolution based on agricultural technologies. Because a society’s technologies also help determine a society’s economy, agricultural societies, technologies, and their economies were intertwined.


And also cyclical, the explosion of Technology before and after the Industrial Revolution propelled societies in social progress (through Technology) in ways unrelated to agriculture. Resulting in more diversified economies and the emergence of new social developments. Such as a consistent world (e.g. the Internet) and globalization.

Nope, Technology, even a failed technology, has had zero impact on human society. As necessity is the mommy of invention. Each invented Technology was created to meet the needs of society and is therefore inseparable from the culture and behaviour of its people. Once developed, each problem solved by Technology changes the way society behaves and operates. Leading to new problems, different economic structures, or new ways of living, which can lead to even more problems.

Society can simply use Technology to survive and thrive on a large scale. It can help society evolve and achieve higher levels of global progress by creating higher levels of social efficiency. At the same time, technological developments on a micro-scale can even change human behaviour so that human coping mechanisms alter and thus affect the evolution of the organism. These developments have even reached how social languages ​​(i.e. the words associated with the technologies developed in a particular society). Have evolved within particular civilizations.

What is Technology?

Technology is an application developed or creates using science/mathematics to solve a problem within society. These can be agricultural technologies, ancient civilizations, or newer computer technologies. Technology can include old technologies like calculators, compasses, calendars, batteries, ships or tanks, or modern technologies like computers, robots, tablets, printers and fax machines. The future Technology includes progressive blockchain technologies, smart cities, more advanced smart devices, quantum computing, quantum encryption, and artificial intelligence.

The Past Of Technology And Society In Changing Our Exists

All civilizations, societies, kingdoms, and empires have risen and fallen, with Technology at the forefront throughout history. In Mesopotamia, the ancient “cradle of civilization,” the ancient Sumerians invented most of the basic building blocks (Technology) still in use today. Including ships, the wheel, irrigation systems, metallurgy, and one of the oldest written scripts. Technology affects all parts of society, kingdom or empire and is based on the mathematics and science. Available in society and affects all sub-areas of civilization including:








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Ancient Technology, the earliest sciences, mathematics, and medicine recorded in East, South, and North Africa, such as the Adam calendar and the earliest mathematical calculator, helped the ancient kingdoms keep time, communicate, and aid in numerical quantities, to rule.

Their economies and grow in size. Technology also helped shape agricultural practices that helped ancient societies thrive and formed the backbone of powerful ancient economies. The invention of irrigation schemes, architectural structures, the creation of glass, and baked clay all played a role in the development of ancient cities and kingdoms. After the Industrial Revolution, these iconic inventions grew into megacities, skyscrapers, and farms that now feed millions of people.

The Important Role Of Technology And Society

Technology has also played a role in empire-building in globalization. And ancient trade as chariots, ships and the ancient “Silk Road” helped kingdoms trade. Grow rich and powerful and expand their influence leading to the conquest of Kingdoms and led the chaining of different civilizations. Technology has even influenced how the most basic essence of human communication has evolved: language.

For example, some ancient languages, such as the still-spoken Basque, have modern tool root words cognate with the word “stone”, indicating their ancient, possibly Stone Age, origins. Although an isolated language. And the invention of stone tools aeons ago could hypothetically affect the language of English spoken today. If such a language were to change the roots of English words, for example.

Two Most Examples Of Technology And Society

Two of the most vital examples of how Technology has helped change human social behaviour. And perhaps evolution are the development of stone tools and the ability to control fire.

From ancient times to the current day, from the Egyptian and Cushite empires to the Aksumite and Chinese empires, the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires. The Greek, Roman, Malian and British empires. All these advanced kingdoms have become empires because of their strong economies (the result of advanced Technology). Powerful armies (the result of advanced Technology). And powerful communication/transportation capabilities (the result of advanced Technology). So One could say that history writes through the invention and use of advanced technologies.

Throughout the human past and after the Industrial Revolution. But humans have evolved from hunter-gatherers to more sedentary creatures whose Technology automates many tasks. Because leading to more sedentary chronic diseases and unhealthy diets while making their lives more convenient.