Snapchat-Take Professional-Looking Photos

Up your game with simple Snapchat tricks that many underestimate.

Tap The Arrow To Access The Tools

With the grid on and dividing your screen into 9 squares, you can follow the rule of thirds or align your subject in the center to create a more appealing Snapchat photo. Blur your background with focus mode or use the timer to keep your selfies blurry. They have all the features you need for a good snap.

Looks Relaxed And Genuinely Happy

Working on your angles for your cameo selfie or group photo? Keep your phone on the bright side and find your best light by slowly rotating it while looking at your camera. Squeeze your shoulders as if relaxed and tilt your head up a little to look confident. To make your eyes look larger, lift your brows slightly instead of using a Snapchat lens for a natural look.

Save Your Perfect Photo

Having a finger in the frame or a mark on the table might ruin the moment, but you don’t have to fight to get it back because you can fix mistakes in your photo with one of the lesser-known Snapchat tricks. The magic eraser tool. To prevent you from retaking your picture, press the scissor button, then the magic eraser will star mark and draw over the problem area and it will vanish.

Or Add Magic And New Sizes To Your Videos

These Snapchat tricks might even increase your chances of getting in the spotlight, where all the most creative TikTok-style vertical videos are scrolling Snapchatters everywhere.

Paint In 3D And Explore Your Masterpiece

Tap the smiley face icon next to the record button and choose from the Snapchat brushes. These create different 3D effects: matt, metallic, rainbow, neon, iridescent. Then choose your paint color and go to town, tap and squirt to create a 3D artwork that appears to be floating in front of you in the real world. Resize your brush to add realistic detail or large bands of color. Move your phone to see your work from a different angle.

Unlock New Or Limited Snapchat Lenses

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you stumble across a cool new lens and wonder where it came from and what you have to do to get your hands (or face) on it. Well, here are three Snapchat tricks you can try. Swiping up on a plugin to see the context map works for some. You can also scan Snapcodes with a circle in the middle and unlock special lenses to use for a limited time. Or if your friend has a Lens you’re jealous of, ask them to share it with you. They have to tap their Snapchat camera screen to see their lenses and then swipe to the one you want. If it’s shareable, they’ll see the info icon, which they can tap to bring up the Send to Friends chat option.

Shop For A Better Deal With Scan

Something on the shelf catches your eye? Check if you’re getting a good deal by scanning the products in the app. Swipe left to the shopping cart icon, point your Snapchat at the topic, and long-press the screen to get links to similar products online, mostly on Amazon for now.

Solve Difficult Problems With Math Solver

Tap and hold the screen to scan the question (calculus, equations, addition, whatever confused you) and Snapchat calculates the answer with Photomath and even shows you how it worked.

Save bangers to your Shazam playlist with Song Finder

Hold down the screen while the tune plays and Snapchat will announce the singer and track for you to listen to in Shazam.

Text, drawing and editing tricks

Finger doodling is fun, but have you tried it before?

Add Face Lenses After Taking A Selfie

Forgot to wear your flower crown? Would you like to have a dramatic eye makeup? Instead of retaking your photo, try one of the more handy Snapchat tricks on the Android app. If your whole face is in your photo, you can add a face lens by tapping the smiley face button under the clip icon and selecting from the entire panel.

Choose Animated Text With Drawing Bags

Bring your captions to life by replacing your flat, static words with fonts that dance across your screen and add a filter to your entire image or video. Press the smiley button and then “T” for some flavor. Play around with Round, Spooky, Bubble, Wavy, Layers, Script and you’ll find the style that perfectly expresses your point of view.

Fill Your Sticker Drawer With Things You’ve Photographed

Tap the scissors icon. Trace the object you want to copy, it doesn’t have to be clean. And Snapchat saves that part of your photo as a sticker. Now when you select the memo button while editing a plugin, you can swipe and resize that object as many times as you like. What it lacks in power: They can’t submit your snap to Snapchat’s Discovery Story as a topic tag — your custom tag makes up for this by being yours alone.

How To Use Up To 3 Filters At The Same Time

You already know how to swipe left or right on your photo to apply a filter, it’s one of the first tricks beginners learn, but have you seen the Layers button? Tap the stack of 3 squares to add more than one filter to the same snap. Easy.

The old two-handed technique of layering filters was one of Snapchat’s best tricks. You select the first one, then tap the screen with one finger while scrolling to use your free hand to find the second filter. When you land on it, stop touching the screen. Two filters were applied, you selected another one by tapping the screen again until you made your third choice. It was like applying more than one filter. It’s a lot easier these days, don’t you think?

How To Take Snapshots Longer Than 10 Seconds

Take long snaps first: the longer you press the circular capture button on the app’s camera screen, the longer your snap will be. You can also change the playback time of your snap when your friends open it. While editing, tap the clock and infinity symbol to let your friends watch your snap for as long as they like. Or loop your video endlessly by pressing the round arrow button below the clip to have your snap play over and over until your friend closes it.

The clip button on the right side of the toolbar? Tap it, paste the copied URL, or tap or search for the link, then select Attach to Snap. That’s all we can say about it. Now when your friends swipe your snap, they’ll go to the site you selected. Whether it’s a message, an online petition, crowdfunding, or anything else.

Snapchat Story Hacks To Keep you Fresh

Remix a friend’s Story Snap. If you’ve been mentioned or want to reply, hold your friend’s snap and tap Reshuffle Snap to add your own twist, then tap Send. Do you use Snapchat on your iPhone? Create a story from memories. On the Snapchat camera, swipe up to access Reminders, where you can tap the red circle with a tick and choose which Snaps you want to create your story with. And did you know? You can also share stories with your other apps by simply tapping and holding the story for the share option.

How To Find Your Friends On Snap Chat Map

Swipe right twice from the main camera screen to exposed the Snap Map and you’ll see the world full of hotspots where snaps have been taken in the last 24 hours: blue is a little, red is a lot. Drag and zoom to navigate the planet and you will see your friends sharing their location with you. You can tap her story to view her, or her profile picture or Bitmoji to message her in chat. I can not find you on snap chat. Try this feature

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