Collect robux is a website by the name that has millions of Roblox users on a regular basis. The best part of the website is that it provides roblox in-game currency. There are certain steps that are necessary to earn the Robux for free.

If you go to the website, you will see a section that says you can earn Robux by completing offers, playing games, and downloading apps. It also shows you the number of registered users, points earned and withdrawals made. It says you need to enter your Roblox username and not a password.

What is Collect Robux?

Collect Robux is one of those websites that is available and claims to have provide free robux. However, the main focus is on the robux website as it is one of the sites in providing the Robux at no cost. It is a website that claims to provide Robux by playing video games, downloading apps, and completing deals.

When you visit Collect Robux, the home page of this site clearly tells you that there is something you need to do to get Robux. Yes, they don’t give you Robux after you provide your Roblox username or email id.What is Collect Robux?

If you want to buy something from Roblox store but you have no money, you have to take your surveys, watch ads or download apps on this website to earn free Robux. Since we have not participated in your surveys or completed any offers, we cannot guarantee that collecting Robux is a legitimate platform for earning Robux.

Is Collect Robux a legit way to get free Robux?

Yes, it is one of the safest and legit ways to get free Robux. However, the method used is a bit terrible. I got 200 Robux from the site, but that was pure luck. From then on, I have had trouble getting above 10 because I’ve tediously completed multiple surveys with no results. Many of the links to play and earn points don’t work, as do some links to take surveys. I closed the site just 5 minutes ago and started using it 50 minutes ago.

If you have enough time and are desperate to get the robux, then it is considered that it works. But I don’t recommend using it after you get the amount of Robux you want as it’s a hassle to get after you get used to the good deals.

How to Earn Points?

Earning points on Robux is a simple process but contains a few long steps and a detailed process. To earn points, the simple step is just to click on the earn points option. After clicking on this option there will be an option to confirm which device you are using. There are three options displayed on the screen iPhone, iPad, and Android. Now select the device on which you are using the website.

After selecting the device you will have the two options displayed on the screen as source 1 and source 2. The selection of either source will have multiple offers appearing on the screen. However, you must select and complete one of the offers.How to Earn Points?

Upon completion of the offer, you will be credited with the promised points. One point corresponds to one Robux. In addition, there are some offers where points are credited immediately and some may take up to 24 hours for points to be credited upon completion.

Collect Robux Redeem Codes

Since the launch of the website, the creator of the website has published numerous Collect Robux codes, but only a few codes are active at the moment. Several other codes are expired overtime using the website.

There is only a single code that can be redeemed right now.

  • TRUE9900
  • Sport

Certain Collect Robux Codes that are Expired

The given below are certain codes that are expired this year. These codes are already redeemed a maximum number of times.

  • Sploity
  • LakyRobux
  • Xxsuper
  • Hair


Collect robux has a clear information explanation that it is not tied up with Roblox or any other platform. It is not safe to earn the robux through the collect robux. Roblox does not allow players to earn Robux through third party websites or tools. If you are caught using this website, there is a chance that your account will be banned or banned.