Chunkbase is One of Minecraft’s largest and most comprehensive game maps. A mapping and navigation system is necessary because the game’s sandbox universe practically extends forever. This is true, especially for beginning players.

When it comes to game maps, whether it be for Fortnite, Free Fire, or any other game, Minecraft maps are the biggest.

Players will have a better time playing Minecraft if more maps are available.

Chunkbase is one of several third-party websites attempting to gain this feature even though the vanilla and other Minecraft maps do not offer the ability to select a mini-map or other mapping systems.

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What is Chunkbase?

Firstly, Chunkbase is a third-party website; many Minecraft players use Chunkbase to find biomes or structures in any field the player wants to put down. Whenever a player selects the game version, this glitch is hidden automatically. Chunkbase also supports all Minecraft versions from Java Edition 1.7 and Bedrock Edition 1.14 counting.

Moreover, Chunkbase has many different choices to explore or locate structures and biomes with the help of the exact place of location. However,  A compass in the upper left corner of the seed map helps players get an idea of the spawn location.

How To Use Chunkbase

  • Go to the Chunkbase website.
  • Choose any tool you want—for example, seed map, mud shard finder, village finder, etc.
  • Enter the seed.
  • Click on the Bedrock Edition version and,
  • Select the dimension.

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How To Use The Chunkbase Dungeon Finder

Finding a dungeon using the shard base is not that difficult. Moreover, The dungeon appears in the 0.9.0 updates. In June 2010, for a long time. This is a hidden structure or room made of cobblestones that contains mob generators, including 1 or 2 chests for players to find in their Minecraft world.

These dungeons are generally found underground in the Overworld. The Overworld is where the core character spends most of his time. Dungeon sizes vary from 5×5, 7×7 or 5×7 blocks or square blocks.

Each dungeon has a monster spawner in the centre of the structure that helps spawn mobs until the spawners destroy each other. Then these monsters will split into zombies or spiders. But this will only happen when players enter the 16-block radius.

How To Use A Dungeon Finder?

Here are the rules that we need to be followed by the Chunkbase players to dungeon finder. These are

  • Start by going to the website.
  • The Chunkbase players will then be taken to the dungeon finder page via this.
  • Chunkbase  Players can view a seed and version box on this dungeon page.
  • Chunkbase  Players must enter the seed at the top of the text box and click the “Find Dungeon” tab for a rapid start.
  • Finally, the map with dungeons and the map with various colours will be available for usage by Chunkbase gamers.

orange in hue and has bits of different spawners.

It is a skeletal spawner and is grey.

zombie spawners and is green.

It has spider spawners because it is red.

Items needed while finding a Dungeon:

Below listed are some of the items that the players will require to find dungeons.

Torches: Players should always have a torch with them because they are essential for illuminating the dungeon caves. One torch placed on each side of the spawner will likely be the most efficient way to defeat a dungeon. The mobs won’t spawn as a result of doing this. To achieve this, players should enter dungeons carrying at least 5 torches.

Pickaxe: This will assist the players in eliminating the monster spawners.

Weapons: To protect themselves from zombie attacks, players must have a sword, bow, or arrow. They even brought a blade, such as stone, iron, gold, or diamond.

Armore: Gamers can carry any armour to defend themselves from monsters’ attacks.


Therefore, You can easily use third-party extensions like chunk base to find Dungeons in Minecraft. After loading the Chunkbase site, you enter your seed, which causes it to generate a map of your world with potential dungeon spawns located throughout it.

In this blog, we discussed using Chunkbase to find the best Minecraft seeds and locate biomes and structures.

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