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Tech Write For Us: At Web Computer World, we provide an opportunity to “write for us” for the people who are crazy about writing and has innovative writing skills. So if you are good at writing research content that can benefit our audience, you are in the right place.

We welcome writers to donateto niches related to Tech, Science, Telecom, Engineering, and Marketing Streams.

Also, we request you to read our guidelines carefully before writing for us. Then, make sure the content meets all the procedures that can consider.

Also, to Write for Us, you can email us at

How to Submit Your Article at “Web Computer World” Write For Us?

Once your article meets our guideline requirements, you can send it to our email address

The Requirement to Send:

Why Write for Web Computer World? – Tech Write For Us

If you write for NEW COMPUTER WORLD, you get:

Why is Guest Posting Important?

Most of the time, guest bloggers or writers approach websites in the same field or speciality to get their work published. Writing articles for another company’s website is an example of “guest posting,” another way of describing the same activity. Several websites encourage and enable guest posting or sponsored pieces from authors. Even on their website, there is a section designated specifically for guest posts called “write for us.”

Categories and Types of Articles We Welcome

At Web Computer World, we welcome contributors to submit articles on different topics in tech, science, telecom, engineering and marketing. Below are the issues in detail as per mentioned types:

Write For Us – Technology

Tech Niche is enormous, and here’s what we cover in this category:

Write For Us – Telecom

Write For Us – Marketing

Presentation of the Article

We invite funders from different niches to write for NCW. however, we must ensure that

Therefore, we call on all contributors to ensure that the Article’s tone can be investigative, informative, unique, and free of grammatical errors. Therefore, before submitting the Article to us, make sure to do a grammar check with Grammarly.

Guest Writer Guidelines

There are many guidelines that a contributor must follow when contributing an article to New Computer World. We have divided the guidelines into “Do’s and Don’ts”. Ask to follow these guidelines.



Benefits to make Sponsored With Us – Tech Write For Us

Right and Legit Question Truly – Tech Write For Us

Our response will be – Everyone, who belongs to the following categories, must put out guest posts with us –

Rules and Tips for Publishing – Tech Write For Us

We are equal-opportunity publishers. If your content is excessive, consider it published. Make sure to –

We Would Love To Accept Your Content

Web Computer World always loves to submit guest posts that are creative, unique and informative for our readers related to tech, gaming, digital marketing, mobile, SEO, technology, business, finance, B2B, lifestyle, gadgets, etc. We welcome all the writers to share their ideas which are searching for a guest post or “article submission” blog.

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